I’m a writer, teacher, intuitive, and Akashic Records reader. I write funny. I teach Spanish. I intuit all kinds of things. I read the history and purpose of souls. I believe that in this lifetime I am meant to serve as a connection. And I have five kids, so I was apparently also meant to serve as a chauffeur.

“I have yet to find a downside to this job; reading for others is a tremendous privilege that allows me to spend time in an arena of love and light; it is awesome in every sense of the word.”


I recently agreed to a reading of my Akashic Records with Anne R. I have to say that I was skeptical going into the reading, not because of disbelief, but more because of our longtime friendship. I assumed anything she revealed would be because she knew me, and some of what she told me could be characterized that way. I was, however, amazed by the other things revealed, having never shared them with another human being. I admit to being a little freaked out, but many of the messages I received continue to provide comfort to me to this day. I am grateful to Anne, and am anxious to have my next reading.


Jim N

Montrose, CA


My Journey

How did I get here – doing Akashic Records readings?

Getting an Akashic reading changed my life. I was in a very stuck place: depressed, angry, and frustrated. I was definitely ready to receive insight and guidance. What I didn’t understand was that the guidance would be for me to DO something. I didn’t feel capable of DOING anything; I figured it was time for the universe to have my new life come knock on my front door, and all I wanted from my Akashic guides was for them to tell me when and how it would happen.

Instead, they told me that I had made choices all along that had brought me to this point, and if I now wanted something different, I would need to take action. My new life was not about to come knocking on my door; I would need to go find it.

Now, just because my guides had said, “Make different choices, girl,” it wasn’t as if suddenly I felt capable of change. Nope. I was PISSED. The universe, that unsupportive bitch, was leaving me stuck.

As luck would have it, I was having this hissy fit against the universe in the middle of a metaphysical fair. And the universe, that bitch, prompted me to walk around and interact with the very people who could help me see a glimmer of something different. I came away with material gifts, spiritual insight, and a flyer about classes teaching how to read the Akashic Records.

So here I am.

And here you are.