Accessing the Akasha

The Akasha holds the deep wisdom of every soul and the entire history of its journey. When Anne accesses your Akashic Records, your Akashic guides will come forward and communicate through her to help you discover your purpose, the reasons for your current situations, and ways to heal your wounds. They want to help you live the life you dream of, even the life you haven’t dared to dream of.

When you ask questions, they will answer. Their answers are specifically for YOU; their purpose is to help you find your path, heal your wounds, and live a life of energized purpose. They can help you understand why you find yourself in certain situations or relationships, and how you can shift them in a way that’s authentic for you. They can help you understand why in some areas you feel stuck, trapped, or unfulfilled, and how to free yourself from those strictures in a way that is true and good and whole, in accord with your purpose. They will guide you to your next steps, and you will move forward in your intentions with confidence.

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I had the opportunity to receive an Akashic reading from Anne.  I found it to be immensely validating of the path I had taken to become a holistic healer.

Anne was able to clarify some concerns and doubts I had, which allowed me to move forward in building my successful healing practice.  It was an inspiring and supportive experience.


Bevan Hemsworth

Holistic Healer
West Sechelt, BC, Canada


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As a Psychic I spend a lot of time reading for others and tuning into myself. There are times where even those of us who read need to check in with someone else to validate information we get or have someone look at our own blind spots. Anne is an amazing reader of the Akashic Records. She is definitely spot on with her ability to connect to the records and give information that makes a huge deep impact. She creates a beautiful space while she brings forward missing pieces that my blind spot couldn’t see, and helps validate the things I was picking up for myself. I can only just say “wow” as she incredible at what she does!! Getting an Akashic Records Reading from Anne can open up a path forward that you didn’t realize was available, get you out of a stuck place, dive deep into areas you may have been hiding from yourself, or validate some of your own intuition. Working with Anne, I walked away with confidence, clarity direction, and soul-centered understanding. I highly recommend having an Akashic Records reading with Anne! She is the real deal!


Susan Ortolano, M.A, PCC

Psychic & Spiritual Life Coach

Los Angeles , Ca.


How does Anne “read” the Records?

The messages from the Akashic Records come through in any or all of several forms. Anne may hear them, see written words, see images, or she may simply be given words to say.

With whom is Anne conversing when she interacts with the Akashic Records?

Anne is speaking with your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. These beings have chosen to serve in a particular capacity to aid the ascension of other souls. Your Masters are your guides throughout any and every segment of your soul’s journey. Your Teachers are with you as learn particular lessons, and once a lesson has been learned, the Teachers for that lesson will move on to assist other souls. Your Loved Ones are those that you have met and known in some capacity on your soul’s journey, and they are part of your Soul Group. You may meet them in different guises in multiple segments of your soul’s journey as they travel with you on the path to ascension.

Are the Akashic Records part of a particular religious tradition?

No. Although Anne uses a prayer to enter the Akashic Records, the prayer is not part of any particular religion. The Akashic Records are universal. The Akashic Records may refer to multiple human lifetimes, or incarnations, so if a person’s belief system includes the concept of reincarnation, that aspect of the Akashic Records will be more familiar.

Is an Akashic Records reading the same as a psychic reading?

No. There is a lot of information in the Records, but not a lot of prediction. That’s because you have free will. But, get this, there is no right or wrong path; there is no good or bad way to go. And your Akashic guides want you to know that you are LOVED throughout this journey, no matter what you choose.