You are here because you’re searching for something.

You’re searching for change, healing, enlightenment. You need help connecting to your soul and finding your soul’s wisdom. Allow me to help you. Allow me to help you find Clarity, Direction, Purpose. Each of us is more than what we are. I am more than a teacher, a writer, and Akashic Records reader; I am a connection. I write because I want to connect with people. I teach because I want to create connections among people. I read Akashic Records because I can help you make the most important connection of all: your connection to your soul.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the non-physical records of every soul’s existence: its choices, history, thoughts, emotions, and intents.

The term ‘Akashic’ came from the Sanskrit word “akasha,” meaning boundless space and time.

The Akashic Records are mentioned in both Western and Eastern mythology. Even the Old Testament and the New Testament mentioned the Akashic Records, although by a different name.

What happens when I have a reading with Anne?

When you have a reading, I will first ask your permission to open your Records.

Then I will ask you for your name as it is on your driver’s license. That’s right; we access the wisdom of the universe through the records of the DMV.

Once I open your Records, I will “step in” and greet the entities in your Records, and your Reading will begin.

No children, sorry, only those 18 and older.

Trying to describe this session with Anne’s Akashic Records reading is very difficult to put into words. This was my first Akashic records reading and it was exceptional. Anne has a way of bringing you into the experience with a feeling of peace and safety. She creates a sacred space for you to receive whatever words or message the Masters want to convey. It was a deeply spiritual experience. I felt that the words were going straight to the heart of my soul bypassing any rational critique or interference. The messages coming through her are direct and to the point. She helped to clarify some issues and concerns that I was unsure about and pointed me  in a direction that helped to achieve my goals. My life has changed because of this reading and her words still echo in the depths of my soul. I highly recommend an Akashic Records reading with Anne.

Richard O

Canyon Country,  Ca.

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